Hi! There's a new version available (api2), recommended for all new and future development.

We plan to continue to support the legacy version of the API well into 2017 (and later if you let us know), but we do recommend all developers migrate to the new api2 format as your development cycle allows. We strongly recommend that all new recipe and grocery API developers begin with https://api2.bigoven.com


API query result sets can be retrieved pre-paged by appending a query with the "pg" and "rpp" parameters.

How Can I Page Results?

Properly paged queries contain pg={value}, and rpp={value} in the URL parameters, as seen below.

https://api.bigoven.com/{PATH}?{PARAMETERS}&{AUTH PARAMETERS}&pg={value}&rpp={value}
URL Parameter Description
pg Page number, starting with one (1).
rpp Number of results per page, maximum of fifty (50).

Which Queries Require Paging?

Query Name Required?
Recipe Search Results Yes
Try No
Favorites No