Hi! There's a new version available (api2), recommended for all new and future development.

We plan to continue to support the legacy version of the API well into 2017 (and later if you let us know), but we do recommend all developers migrate to the new api2 format as your development cycle allows. We strongly recommend that all new recipe and grocery API developers begin with https://api2.bigoven.com

User Profile

The User Profile object refers to a BigOven user. BigOven.com accounts are free, and tied to an address address.

You may read account information via the API, but at the present time, you must direct users to BigOven.com to create a free account or modify their account information. The URL to visit to sign up is https://www.bigoven.com/signmeup.aspx, and the URL for membership modification is https://www.bigoven.com/private/sec/myaccount.aspx

The following methods are supported for the User Profile object.

User Profile N/A Yes No N/A

Creating a User Profile (HTTP POST)

This method is not applicable.

Reading a User Profile (HTTP GET)

GET https://api.bigoven.com/profile
Parameter Description Required?

Updating a User Profile (HTTP PUT)

This method is not supported at this time.

Deleting a User Profile (HTTP DELETE)

This method is not applicable.