Hi! There's a new version available (api2), recommended for all new and future development.

We plan to continue to support the legacy version of the API well into 2017 (and later if you let us know), but we do recommend all developers migrate to the new api2 format as your development cycle allows. We strongly recommend that all new recipe and grocery API developers begin with https://api2.bigoven.com

Response Codes

All calls made to the BigOven API return a response that contains a code signifying the outcome of the request. These codes can either be passed on to the user, or more likely, interpreted within your implementation for further processing.

What Response Codes Can I Expect?

Response Code Description
200 OK Request was fulfilled.
201 CREATED POST request successfully created entity.
400 BAD REQUEST Invalid request or rate limit exceeded.
403 FORBIDDEN Failed authentication request.
404 NOT FOUND Request URI invalid.
500 INTERNAL ERROR Server error has occurred.

In the case of an error, the API will also return a message containing more detail.